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ST Joseph Mary's School



Dear citizen of the world,

We need a single world government to enjoy our existence in this planet with peace, love and total utilization of our potential.

This planet is burning for a slow but inevitable annihilation and we are fretting about an impending doom. Nuclear weapons are being piled up in maniac power race and cyclonic run of frenzied terrorism. Now let us decide whether we let the globe accept ensuing disaster, still unborn.

Numerous studies commissioned by the (U.N.) and other organizations have warned the International community of the conflict and the chaos that the world affronts with as a sequel of Mass hunger, economic disaster, environmental catastrophes and terrorism. Moreover, the arms build up by the nuclear power and the squandering of natural resources without consideration of earth's regeneration capacity are dragging the world towards nuclear holocaust or an ecological Snuff out. The threat to human civilization has ceased to be a product of the fertile minds of the prophets of doom; it is a threat in reality.

Charter in the (U.N.) is ignored by the super powers. Please do come forward to unify the mankind and frame a super state or world government. We should move from the restricted (NAM & CHOGHM) to global (U N) arena to conduct programmes on peace to unify the world into a single global state or a super state.

In this planet if peace is to be achieved, there will have to be great changes in Education. At present children are taught to love their countries, to the exclusion of other countries, and among their countryman in history those whom they are specially taught to admire are usually those who have shown most skill in killing foreigners. An English child is taught to admire Nelson and Wellington. A French child to admire Napoleon and a German Bar Barossa. They are those who have served their countries in ways that must be for ever closed if man is to survive. The conception of man as one family will have to be taught as carefully as the opposite is now taught.

This will not be an easy transition. Only a new kind of Education inculcating a new set of moral values will make possible to keep a peaceful world in existence.

There are many ways of showing courage without having to kill other people. There will, after all, be plenty of opportunity for adventure even dangerous adventures. Boys can go the Antarctica for their holidays and young men can go to the moon, to the Everest.

War should be treated as murder is treated. It should be regarded with equal horror and with equal aversion. Unless the existing system of global education is changed in some such way, it is to be feared that men's natural ferocity will sooner or later break out.

Gunpowder made modern states possible at the time of the Renaissance by making castles obsolete.

What castles were at the time national states are now, since weapons of mass destruction have made even the gentlest states liable to complete destruction?

World wide co operation, if it is to succeed, requires co-operative feelings in individuals. It is difficult to imagine a world government succeeding if the various countries of which it is composed continue to hate and suspect each other. It is necessary to teach both individuals and government that as one family mankind may prosper outstandingly.

Many of the reforms suggested upon the authorities of the United Nations or of some new International body created for the purpose. This will have to be done by means of education which is both neutral and International. There are at present various countries, national association working towards peace and world unification, but, so far as we are aware of the World unification league with which we are concerned is the one most uncommon International associations aiming at the creation of peaceful single world.

We have a small secretariat which is International, neutral and energetic but too small for the work what has to be done.

One small step for man but one giant leap for mankind

We are working for a great cause, the preservation of man. In this work one might expect to have support of every human being. This alas is not yet the case. It is our hope that, in time it will become so. Let us acquire the light of peace to trace out the path for better tomorrow.

Do come forward to materialize the dream of Einstein, Gandhi, Tagore, Russell, Kahlil Gibran and many other great men to let the new world awake into a heavenly freedom. The torch to show the route has been enkindled; the world humanity is awaiting us. Tomorrow's dawn will enlighten every corner bidding fare well to prolonged darkness. We will form a super state or a world government with an eternal omnipotent light.

Remember, that every poor body is a temple of living god. Through the process of evolution everyman will become superman at the last phase. So, let us start the process of making a superman's civilization by unifying the world into a single super state or by creating a real world government. Let our posterity enjoy the best civilization of the mankind. Permanent peace can be achieved if there is a single global government and no border line. For which man should be perfect spiritually. Our work is to bring out the latent enlightenment of every man and utilize it for the betterment of mankind. 21st century is the century of world unification. Come ahead and let us make the 21st century the best century the world has ever produced. Reactionary forces may impede the best trend of human civilization, but, it is the greatest challenge the humanity have ever faced. Collect strength and shoulder the historical responsibility of making an enlightened and peaceful world by framing either a single world government or a super state.

Our slogan is peace, unification, Enlightenment; shantih. Let us commence the longest and most sacred spiritual long March to reach our goal.

- Dr. Bhakta Sundar Sharma

One small step for man but one giant leap for mankind