The School possesses 4 spacious buildings of its own, well-equipped laboratories, individually for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Home Science, with modern apparatus to ensure the best teaching aids. The school’s Computer laboratory possesses sufficient number of desktops where the students can work comfortably. There is a large, well-stocked library on an assortment of subjects shelving more than 3000 books. There is a play ground adjacent to one of the buildings with many rides for the children to have a great time. Three school buses and four other pick-up vans collect children from different parts of the city. To meet up to the sick or injured children, the school has an infirmary and a doctor is always available for the students. The school actively promotes modern methods of teaching technologies. In 2011,it became one of the few schools in Kolkata to offer the facilities of Digital Classroom – the Smart Class in collaboration with ‘Educomp’ – the pioneer in digital education to all students.